Modern Conservative

  • Lower taxes to curb the skyrocketing inflation

  • Less government regulation for businesses 

  • More School Choice

  • Supports the 2nd Amendment

  • No federal mask or vaccine mandates​

  • Supports Marriage Equality

  • Supports decriminalization of marijuana

  • Supports right for LGBTQ community to adopt

  • Stands with Israel

  • Supports the right to vote for Buckhead City

Crime, Buckhead City, Zoning, and more below​

The Issues

Support Our Police

The Atlanta Police Department is short of hundreds of police officers with crime increasing at an alarming rate. The anti-police sentiment has demoralized our police force and has caused hundreds of resignations and retirements of officers.

First step to decrease the crime is to support our police again by never defunding them, properly staffing our department, sufficiently training them, and allowing officers to do their job.

Second step is to increase our 911 operators. Victims are getting voicemail or waiting far too long on the phone when they need help.

Third, prosecutors must get tougher on bonds of defendants as far too many signature bonds are being issued for violent repeat defenders. 

My opponent unfortunately has no plan to reduce crime in Atlanta.

Screen Shot 2021-09-14 at 5.11.52 PM.png

Buckhead City

Residents of Buckhead deserve the right to vote on cityhood. They deserve the right to determine their own future.

I believe Buckhead City is the best solution to address the issues of crime, zoning, and infrastructure in our community for Buckhead and Atlanta.

Crime is up disproportionately in Buckhead compared to the rest of Atlanta (see graphic below). With its own police department, there will be more officers who will be better equipped to respond to crime in Buckhead. 

Buckhead cityhood is a win-win for Buckhead and Atlanta because once Buckhead becomes safer, so will Atlanta. These two sister cities will work together to address the common issues of our community. 

Suburb Houses

Protect Single Family Zoning

We must restore and maintain our single family residential areas.

The proposals by the City of Atlanta to mix single family residential areas with new multi-family developments are very unpopular since this would completely change the character and dynamic of many communities. Multi-family developments should be built in areas that can sustain it.  

I will protect our single family residential areas and ensure that multi-family developments are not built in traditional single family communities. 

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