Top Priorities

1. Reduce crime

  • We need federal assistance to properly fund our police departments

  • Metro Atlanta needs more police officers

  • More 911 operators

  • Respect our police again

2. Inflation is out of control

  • Atlanta's inflation is over 10%, second worst in the country for a city

  • Wages must increase to keep up with inflation

  • Reduce personal and corporate tax rates

  • Federal government's policies and spending is ballooning the prices of everything

3. Local Issues

  • Supports the right to vote for Buckhead residents on cityhood

  • More School Choice

  • Maintain single-family residential zoning, do not mix multi-family with single family unless community consents

4. Social Issues

  • Supports Marriage Equality

  • Supports right for LGBTQ community to adopt

  • Supports decriminalization of marijuana

5. Other National Issues 

  • Supports the 2nd Amendment

  • Stands with Israel

  • Supports Term Limits

  • No federal mask or vaccine mandates​

  • Election integrity to ensure voting is safe and secure


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